DIY Lego Table!!


I LOVE Legos. . . .and with being a first time Mom of our now 17 month old, I am VERY EXCITED to build this DIY LEGO TABLE, for our little guy. . . .soon, but not yet! That is why I wanted to share the post I found on the Ordinary Mom Blog, She did a great job in explaining how to Do-It-Yourself! The photo I posed is from her blog, which looks just FANTASTIC! I’m also listing the supplies that she did, in how to build it-which will be handy for me to look back on, and know what I need. 🙂 Happy building!!

Supplies Needed:

Lack Side Table {from IKEA}

Lego Building Plate {need 4 plates}

Gorilla Glue

Storage Bin {to fit under the table!}

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