Love month CHALLENGE!


With Valentine’s Day this Saturday I’m excited for that day to celebrate the love that my husband and I have together and for our sweet son James!!! For me it’s REALLY the days leading up to Valentine’s Day that I absolutely love!! I loooove just doing nice things for my family and friends! I love making sweet treats, especially using yummy fruit and chocolate, two of my true loves!!! I love decorating weeks ahead of Valentines so we can enjoy it in our home! I love hosting fun parties and brunches! I just love making people feel remembered and loved, and appreciated! It’s THE BEST feeling to brighten someone’s day! So happy love month! I CHALLENGE you to go and do something nice for someone you normally wouldn’t do that kind of thing for! You won’t be sorry! 🙂

DIY: Stamped Coasters from Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to GIFTS I am always excited to find easy, but useful, and great looking gifts to make for family, friends, teachers and co-workers!

I LOVE this post I found on The Huckaby’s Happily Ever After They explain the how-to’s in 6 pretty simple steps! I am excited to make some!


Supplies Needed:

4″ x 4″ bathroom tiles and here! {find at Home Depot type stores, or online at Amazon}

 Staz-On Permanent Ink


Minwax Finishing Wax  {a sealer, that can be found at Home Depot, or online at Amazon}

Felt Adhesive Pads

DIY Lego Table!!


I LOVE Legos. . . .and with being a first time Mom of our now 17 month old, I am VERY EXCITED to build this DIY LEGO TABLE, for our little guy. . . .soon, but not yet! That is why I wanted to share the post I found on the Ordinary Mom Blog, She did a great job in explaining how to Do-It-Yourself! The photo I posed is from her blog, which looks just FANTASTIC! I’m also listing the supplies that she did, in how to build it-which will be handy for me to look back on, and know what I need. 🙂 Happy building!!

Supplies Needed:

Lack Side Table {from IKEA}

Lego Building Plate {need 4 plates}

Gorilla Glue

Storage Bin {to fit under the table!}

Caramel Apple Dip

One taste of FALL I enjoy is Caramel Apple Dip! There are a few different versions and this is just ONE of ’em! I might just post another one later.

This is SUCH a simple Caramel Apple Dip Recipe. Best of all this dip tastes sooooo yummy! So make some and enjoy it all, or share. [Read more…]


FALL is SUCH a FuN time of the year!! The colors, smells, yummy food and of course FuN home decor, are all reasons to ENJOY the months of Fall!! To celebrate fall enjoy a lovely 8×10 FREE PRINTABLE from!!!